Staff Favorites

Check out our team's top product picks for Spring 2018!

Spencer: Planet Dog Snoop Feeder

My roommate's dog Elwood loves meal time. It's probably one of his favorite times of the day, tied right up there with cuddle time, nap time, and play time.  The problem is, he loves it so much that he gobbles down his food, then starts working on the other dogs' food before they've even had a chance to start!

So we got Elwood a Planet Dog Snoop - now meal time is also play time! All his meals are fed out of the Snoop, which he then has to roll around to knock out small amounts of kibble at a time. This slows Elwood down, giving the other dogs a chance to eat thir own meals. As a bonus, the challenge of working for his meal helps him burn off his mountains of energy!

Rizza: Seresto Flea and Tick Collars

I love Seresto collars because they work for both cats and dogs. It works longer than your usual monthly topical package and you don't have to reapply, just leave it on.

Melissa: Go Cat Da Bee

Of all the Go Cat toys Grand Lake All About Pet's carries (of which I own at least one of each), Da Bee is my kitty's favourite! The boar bristle bee and bouncy wire keep her more entertained than any other toy we've brought home for her.

Aeon goes wild every time we pull it out, happily chirping as she stalks and pounces. She especially loves to wrestle the wand away from us and trot around the living room showing off her captured "prey" before returning to us to start the game over again.

She loves this toy so much we actually have to hide it from her to get a break - otherwise she'll keep the game going for well over an hour each time (mum and dad need breaks sometimes)!

Anya:​ Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Rock

We love this thing! Johnny Cake, our loveable and rough little Staffy (pictured right), needs lots of enrichment toys to keep her destructive tendancies at bay.

We feed her every meal from a rotating list of toys, and Ruffwear's Gnawt-A-Rock is on the top of that list because its incredibly durable, safe, and fun for her!

It can also be filled with a higher volume of dry food than some of the other enrichment feeders we have at home. This is defintely a plus during our mealtimes (which is when we feed her), because I don't have to interrupt my dinner to get up and refill her feeder.