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Rx diets + veterinary authorization

All veterinary diets must be purchased under the name of the owner or authorized representative in our system. 

Some of the prescription diets and supplements in our store require advance authorization from your pet's veterinarian prior to purchase.

You may bring in a valid written prescription, or our team can call your prescribing veterinarian's office to verify your authorization over the phone.  Once a prescription has been verified the first time, we'll keep a record of it on file, so you won't need to repeat the process every time you purchase unless the prescription expires or your pet changes to a new diet.

Diets that should be recommended by a veterinarian (for very specific medical needs):
  • Hills c/d, Purina UR
  • Hills k/d, Purina NF 
  • Hills z/d, Purina HA
  • Hills i/d Low Fat, Purina EN Low Fat 
 Diets that MUST be previously authorized by a veterinarian (and verified by our team):  
  • Hills Prescription U/d
  • Hills Prescription R/d
  • Hills Prescription S/d
  • Hills Prescription Y/d
  • Hills Prescription L/d
  • Hills Prescription H/d
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diets (all)