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Everything in our one-of-a-kind shop has been carefully curated by our expert team of veterinary professionals to offer the very best for pets and their people
phone orders + curbside pickup
We now offer curbside pickup for when you're on the go, or parked a little too far away to carry heavy bags and cans back to your car comfortably. 

Just pop in the store to pay for your items, or give us a call and let us know what you need - we're happy to accept credit card payments over the phone.  We'll have everything packed up and ready when you pull your car around for pickup.  As that day's staffing allows, we can often help carry your order out!

If you purchase over the phone frequently, our system has the ability to securely store your billing information (details will not be visible to staff).  If you would like to set up this feature, please come into the store with the physical card in your name, and a valid form of legal ID.

*Please note that phone orders are limited to our stock on hand.  If you'd like larger quantities than we have available at that time, we're happy to order more and give you a call as soon as it arrives!  We work very hard to keep our shelves stocked every week, however we recommend calling a few days ahead to allow us to best accommodate particularly large orders.  Please see the following section on Special Orders.