"happy Mew Year" Pet Photos
  1. When and where is this event? Are photos free?
    Fri 12/22 & Sat 12/23, then again on Fri 12/29 & Sat 12/30, inside the store. Pet photos will be taken between 10:00a - 5:00p, and sale prices will be in effect all day during business hours. There is no charge or minimum purchase requirement for pet photos! All pet parents will need to sign a photo release form to participate.
  2. Who will be taking the photos? How/when will I get mine?
    All photos will be taken by Grand Lake staff. Digital photos will be emailed to pet parents early the following week :) Pet photos will also be featured on Grand Lake social media!
  3. I have two dogs; can they have their own photos?
    Generally speaking, it shouldn't be a problem for multiple pets from the same household to have their own photos. Of course, if you want to bring in your twelve guinea pigs, 1) that's adorable, and 2) we may ask you to alternate turns with other, smaller waiting parties to best accommodate everyone who wants to participate. Tis the season for being considerate of others!
  4. Can I pose with my pet? Can I bring my kids in?
    Absolutely - we encourage it! We've found most pets are more comfortable posing with their humans, but it is optional either way. While your human kids are more than welcome to pose with your fur kids, this is an animal-centered event. Please be sure to bring your pets along, too :)
  5. Are photos only for dogs/cats?
    All pets are welcome to come in for photos! Please note, however, that our space is not fully enclosed and other animals will be present. Owners assume all risk, and are solely responsible for taking precautions to ensure the safety of their pets (for example: having their cat on a harness, their macaw's wings clipped, or their hamster in a Critter Keeper).
  6. How long will photos take? Can I leave my pet with you?
    While photos themselves should only take a few minutes, there may be a wait depending on how many pet parents come in at any given time. For safety purposes, we do ask that all pets remain accompanied by their owners at all times. Grand Lake staff will not be able to mind pets.
  7. Will you be providing any wearable props for the photos? Is there a backdrop?
    Yes! We have a full themed backdrop with professional studio lighting. We also have a wide selection of fun wearable props for pets and people!
  8. Any big sales during this event?
    You bet! We're offering the following discounts until the 31st: • 10% off all pet fountains • 20% off DIY pet grass jars • 40% off the Refined Feline A-Frame Bed/Scratcher Table • 25-50% off assorted end-of-the-year clearance toys and treats