Our Story + Team

Co-owners Dr. Lauren Knobel and Dr. Eleanor Dunn have been practicing veterinary medicine since the early 1980's.  After more than twenty years in the field, they teamed up to open the Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital in 2013!

They quickly realized our clients needed better access to the specialty products and prescription foods prescribed to care for their beloved pets, and came up with the perfect solution. With our neighborhood pet owners in mind, Dr. Dunn and Dr. Knobel were able to expand just two years later by opening Grand Lake All About Pets right next door to the hospital.

Everything in our one-of-a-kind pet store has been carefully curated by Dr. Dunn, Dr. Knobel, and the combined Grand Lake team.  From specialized and veterinary exclusive diets to supplements, apparel, and hand-made local goods -- our entire selection has been hand-selected for superior quality, and is backed by decades of veterinary experience. 

  1. Managing Director
    Melissa has been working with animals since she could walk: growing up in a family-owned wildlife rescue, breeding crested geckos, and running children's wildlife education/environmental conservation programs. She's been known to run into traffic to help turtles cross the steet safely, and speak to every tiny living thing she encounters in what can best be described as a series of happy high-pitched noises. At the moment, the latter applies most to her kitten (Aeon), her fish (Otto Von Bismarck-E, Neptune, Saturn, Icarus, and Daedalus), and her twenty-five (also named) houseplants.
  2. Managing Director
    Anya is a proud native of Oakland who has worked in the veterinary field for about ten years. Anya is passionate about animal care and the relationships built between our staff and clients. A talented artist, Anya enjoys painting and drawing during her free time. She and her wife share their home and lives with four sweet kitties (Oscar, Frida, Caesar, and Spock), a duo of odd goldfish (Bader and Ginsburg), and the friendliest little pocket-pitbull (Johnny Cake)!
  3. Managing Director
    Spencer continues to make progress in his life long mission to pet every cat, and to tell every dog that they are a very good dog. Spencer is working to advocate for the safety and humane treatment of the Bay Area's feral cat population. Through education about TNR programs and sharing feral cat resources, he hopes that we can help all cats in our community -- whether they be indoors, garden and ranch dwelling, or free roaming ferals -- live long, healthy, happy lives! In his free time, you might find Spencer singing loudly to himself as he walks through Oakland's graveyards and parks.
  4. Managing Director
    Rizza is the newest addition to the Grand Lake family! On her days off, she loves thrifting, collecting glass art, and watching documentaries - in addition to taking long cat naps. Rizza dedicates the rest of her spare time catering to her master (her handsome grey cat, Charlie). They regularly have deep philosophical conversations, trying to figure out if Charlie knows he's a cat.
  5. Managing Director
    Anthony was born in Memphis, then raised in Oakland. During his childhood, Anthony was not allowed pets due to allergies, often leaving him envious of his pet-owning friends. That all changed when Anthony was older, and took it on himself to adopt his first dog. Three dogs and a cat later, he keeps telling himself he's reached his limit on pets (but knows there will be more in the future). In his free time Anthony enjoys playing music, filming, cooking, eating, watching movies, and taking the dogs out on adventures. He's recently started an expedition to hunt down the elusive jaguar shark that ate his best friend.
  6. Managing Director
    Angela has been part of the Grand Lake family for a little over a year, and continues to find more to love about her job every day - both in the store and in the hospital. She enjoys running, jumping and the occasional scratch behind the ear. Angela believes that every day is a good day when you get to do what you love! ​
  7. Managing Director
    Dr. Lauren L. Knobel came to California from Hawaii in 1980, completed her B.A. with honors at Mills college in Oakland in 1984, and received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in 1990. She has practiced in Oakland since! Dr. Knobel has strong interests in client education, internal medicine, dentistry, behavior, and rehabilitative medicine. Dr. Knobel enjoys spending her free time sailing the bay and beyond, cooking, and playing with her 4 legged and feathered family of two dogs (Bugsy and Zeba), one cat (Keiki Hula Girl), a 30 lb African Sulcata tortoise (Leon), and 7 chickens that grace her little zoo with eggs when they decide to (and yes, they all a have names)!
  8. Managing Director
    Dr. Eleanor Dunn graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She has practiced in the Bay Area since 1986 and in Oakland on Grand Avenue since 1989. In 2009, she completed certification in veterinary acupuncture with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. She practices a holistic approach to veterinary health care. She is a supporter of the local community, an avid local historian, and is involved with the Friends of Sausal Creek. ​ She and her family share their lives with Zephyr the dog (adopted from The Milo Foundation) and Tiger-Lily the cat (adopted from Oakland Animal Services)!